Creating an API Key

In this tutorial we are going to show you how you can create a new API key.

You require an API key for the API function “signin“, “singout“ and “signoff“. You can find a detailed list off our API functions in our manual entry KlickTipp REST API.

To create a new API key choose the menu “Listbuilding” and the option “Neues Listbuilding”.

Click on the button “Eintragung per API-Key”.

In the field “Name”, create a name for the API key.

In the drop-down menu “Double-Opt-in-Prozess”, choose the double opt-in process that a contact goes through when he’s entered through the API function “signin”.

Choose the tag, with which your contacts are supposed be tagged with they sign up, in the entry field “Zusätzliches Tagging (optional)”.

A SmartTag with the name of the API key will be automatically assigned by the key when the action is performed.

To finish, save by clicking “Speichern”.

Your API key has now been created and is displayed in the field “Eintragung via API key”.

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