API Function Overview

In this article, we would like to show you how you can access the features of our API using the REST Webservice.


HTTP requests to our REST API are protected by cookie-based authentication. To receive the session cookie, you must login with your username and password.

curl -X POST https://api.klicktipp.com/account/login.json \ --data-urlencode "username=username" \ --data-urlencode "password=XXXXXXXX" \

The session cookie is returned to you in the HTTP Response Header  Set Cookie. The session cookie consists of a name, the session_name, and a value, the sessid. You must include this session cookie in all subsequent requests to our API in the header cookie.

Return formats

Our API has four return formats. You can have the information from your KlickTipp account returned to you in PHP, XML or JSON. To select a return format, add the name of the data format to the end of the URL. So to return all your double opt-in processes in JSON, run the URL "https://api.klicktipp.com/list.json".


Function URL Method Parameter
Function URL Method Parameter
login https://api.klicktipp.com/account/login POST username, password
logout https://api.klicktipp.com/account/logout POST none
subscription_process_index https://api.klicktipp.com/list GET none
subscription_process_get https://api.klicktipp.com/list/ <listid> GET listid wird in URL benötigt
subscription_process_redirect https://api.klicktipp.com/list/redirect POST listid, email
tag_index https://api.klicktipp.com/tag GET none
tag_get https://api.klicktipp.com/tag/ <tagid> GET tagid is required in the URL
tag_create https://api.klicktipp.com/tag POST name
tag_update https://api.klicktipp.com/tag/ <tagid> PUT name, tagid is required in the URL
tag_delete https://api.klicktipp.com/tag/ <tagid> DELETE tagid is required in the URL
field_index https://api.klicktipp.com/field GET none
subscribe https://api.klicktipp.com/subscriber POST email, listid, tagid, fields, smsnumber
unsubscribe https://api.klicktipp.com/subscriber/unsubscribe POST email
tag https://api.klicktipp.com/subscriber/tag POST email, tagids
untag https://api.klicktipp.com/subscriber/untag POST email, tagid
subscriber_index https://api.klicktipp.com/subscriber GET none
subscriber_get https://api.klicktipp.com/subscriber/ <subscriberid> GET subscriberid is required in the URL
subscriber_search https://api.klicktipp.com/subscriber/search POST email
subscriber_tagged https://api.klicktipp.com/subscriber/tagged POST tagid
subscriber_update https://api.klicktipp.com/subscriber/ <subscriberid> PUT fields, newemail, newsmsnumber, subscriberid is required in the URL
subscriber_delete https://api.klicktipp.com/subscriber/ <subscriberid> DELETE subscriberid is required in the URL
signin https://api.klicktipp.com/subscriber/signin POST apikey, email, fields, smsnumber
signout https://api.klicktipp.com/subscriber/signout POST apikey, email
signoff https://api.klicktipp.com/subscriber/signoff POST apikey, email

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